Leslie M. Marx, PhD, Robert A. Bandeen Professor of Economics; BS (Duke University), MA (Northwestern University), PhD (Northwestern University) Professor Marx has research interests in game theory and industrial organization. Professor Marx’s research focuses on the problem of anti-competitive behavior by individuals and firms, including collusion, bid rigging, and anti-competitive contract provisions. This research improves our ability to detect collusion, teaches us how auctions and other markets can be made less susceptible to collusion, and guides antitrust authorities in understanding what behavior should be viewed as anti-competitive.


Professor Marx’s research has appeared in such publications as American Economic Review, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Political Economy, and Quarterly Journal of Economics. She co-authored the 2012 book The Economics of Collusion: Cartels and Bidding Rings, published by MIT Press. She has served as a co-editor for AEJ:Microeconomics and on the editorial board for International Journal of Game Theory. She is the recipient of an Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant,  two National Science Foundation research grants, a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, and a Sloan Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship. Professor Marx was a member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic Fencing Team, placing 16th, and won the Masters Fencing World Championship for ages 50-59 in 2017. 

Curriculum vitae (PDF)


Working Papers

“Efficient Trade and Ownership on Networks”

joint with Simon Loertscher
working paper

“Asymmetric Information Sharing in Oligopoly: A Natural Experiment in Retail Gasoline”

joint with David P. Byrne, Nicholas de Roos, Matthew S. Lewis, and Xiaosong Wu
working paper

“Mergers, Remedies, and Incomplete Information”

joint with Simon Loertscher
working paper online appendix

“Incomplete-Information Models for Industrial Organization”

joint with Simon Loertscher
working paper

“Dynamics of Mergers among (Ex)Co-Conspirators in the Shadow of Cartel Enforcement”

joint with Jun Zhou
working paper

“Opportunism and Nondiscrimination Clauses”

joint with Greg Shaffer 
working paper 

“Nondiscrimination Clauses in Vertical Contracts”

joint with Greg Shaffer. Duke/UNC Micro-Theory Working Paper #14
working paper



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